How Partage Works

Welcome to Partage! Here's a simple guide on how our platform works and how you can benefit from it.
Quick and Easy Sign Up
Kickstart your Partage journey by registering for free on our platform. Once you're in, contribute to our growing community by setting up your home as a ChargeSpot.
Host and Grow Our Network
Accumulate points by hosting, referring friends, and more. By becoming a PartageHost, you not only offer a vital service to fellow EV users but also earn points every time your charger is used. Your active participation brings more rewards!
Redeem Your Points as a Partage Pioneer
Upgrade to the Partage Pioneer plan to redeem these points, granting you access to ChargeSpots across Australia. Utilise the app to locate available chargers and redeem points for access while travelling.
How Partage Works

Seamless Booking and Charging

Once you find a ChargeSpot, you can easily book it in 30-minute increments. The spot will be exclusively reserved for you. Using our mobile app, you can also keep track of your charging time, ensuring you're always in control.

Understanding Your Points as Currency

Think of your points as the currency of the Partage network. Accumulating points is not just about numbers — it's about the journey. It's a simple equation: more points mean more freedom to explore.
For every point you earn, you unlock 1 kilometer of range for your electric vehicle.
Every point earned is like storing up energy for your next journey, ensuring that when you're ready to hit the road, Partage is there to power your travels sustainably.

Charging Types & Range

It's essential to understand the different types of home charging and the benefits they offer:
Charger TypeCharging RateRange per Hour
Level 1 / 10A2.4 kW15 km
Level 1 / 15A3.6 kW22 km
Level 2 / single-phase7.2 kW43 km
Level 2 / three-phase11 kW66 km

Standard option: Ideal for overnight charging or long stays

  • Level 1 / 10A charger connects to a standard powerpoint.
  • 15A plug has a wider earth pin and needs a special wall socket.

Fast charger option: For quicker charges when you're on the go

  • Level 2 charging needs a dedicated wall charger wired to the switchboard.
  • Three-phase Level 2 charger can output 22kW, but most EVs are limited to 11kW.

The Partage Commitments

No Hidden Costs
The only fee is the transparent annual subscription; no additional charges for hosting or using chargers.
Community Focus
Partage is committed to fostering a community of like-minded EV owners who support and help each other.
Sustainable Vision
A pledge to promote green energy and sustainable transportation through shared charging resources.
User-Friendly Experience
A promise to provide an intuitive platform, with customer support ready to assist with any questions or issues.
Full Control Over Availability
Partage lets you control when and how your charger is available, ensuring you manage it based on your preferences and needs.
Privacy and Security
Assurance that personal and financial information is handled with the utmost care and in compliance with all relevant laws.

Ways to Earn Points

One of the quickest ways to accumulate points is by sharing your charger with our community. Not only does this help fellow EV drivers, it also accelerates your point earnings. It's a win-win for you and the community!

For every kilometer of range that your ChargeSpot provides, you gain 1 point.

It's 40 points for 1h of charging at 7.2 kW!

Accumulating points is not just limited to hosting. Here are different actions you can take to earn points and what charging time it gives you:
ActionReward in PointsCharge Time (7.2kW)
Join the Community802h
Complete your Profile401h
Become a Partage Host1203h
Refer a new Partage Host*1203h
Coming Soon
Become a Partage Pioneer2005h
Renew your Subscription1203h
Refer a new Partage Pioneer**802h
Give a Review401h
10 Hosting Sessions Milestone401h
10 Bookings Milestone401h
Verify your Identity802h


Charge duration may vary based on charging speed and specific EV model.

* Introduce a friend who adds their charger to our network.

** Recommend Partage to a friend who then becomes a Pioneer subscriber.

Ready to Begin Your Partage Journey?
Whether you're an EV owner looking for more charging options or someone willing to share their home charger, Partage offers a seamless and rewarding experience.
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